Master's Degree, Science in Computing
Freelance iOS software engineer and innovator
Based in Croatia, European Union
I am an iOS developer and software engineer with almost 10 years of experience in building iPhone and iPad apps. I have been programming for the last 13 years, which includes iOS SDK, Parse, Qt Symbian, C/C++ console apps, assembler and web development.

I am interested in science and technology which encourages me to participate in inventing new things and concepts. But, my greatest love is programming, software architecture, writing code etc, in short, converting ideas into reality.

As a huge fan of the Appleā€™s mobile platform and most of their products, I chose iOS development as my primary focus. I believe that every programmer needs to be a power user of the device/platform for which he is developing. Because iPhone is a device with which I spend most of my time, becoming an iOS developer was a logical step in my life. :)